Magic Meatloaf

The Best Meatloaf in the World!

Meatloaf is a wonderful old-school dish that is easy to make and very versatile. It goes well with almost any side dish – rice, beans, potatoes, you name it! And don’t forget to make a veggie 🙂

Yes you’ll need to get a meatloaf pan, they’re the same as a small bread pan, metal or glass are both fine. You can find these anywhere.

Once you make this a few times you’ll be able to whip it up in under 5 minutes of prep time.

OK it’s pretty simple. Just get:

1. 2-3 lbs ground beef (I like ground chuck the best, try to get GOOD meat)

2. 3 eggs (so one egg per pound of beef if you make a smaller one)

3. 1 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs

4. 1/2 onion finely chopped

5. garlic powder

6. salt – just a pinch

7. pepper

8. Some kind of “marinade” sauce, whatever you want. Just make sure it’s thick! So something like a Teriyaki or just BBQ sauce – put a nice squirt in there about 1/2 cup. Ketchup is OK too.

Beat the eggs and combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Get a LARGE bowl don’t crowd yourself in a small one! Mix well with your hands “folding” it like you were making dough. You can then let it sit out to marinate for about an hour before you put it in the pan.

As you can see i am not super precise with the exact measurements, you don’t have to be. Just experiment you can’t really go wrong! But don’t over-season!!

Place into meatloaf pan and form tightly in pan. Any extra meat just form into meatballs and you can bake them later (they’ll only need about 15 minutes).

For the top glaze I use BBQ sauce, a little honey and garlic powder! Mix it together in a cup and spread on top with a spoon.

Bake at 350-degrees for about 45 minutes. VERY IMPORTANT you don’t want to over cook it. Take it out and let it sit for at least 30 mins and it will finish up cooking.

Slice and eat!

A few final tips and tricks:

1.    You can form the loaf in the pan with a little “space” on one side for the fat to accumulate, makes it slightly less fatty (you’ll take the fat off the next day, read more on that below).

2.    Line the pan with aluminum foil if you want to make cleanup a bit easier.

3.    The meatloaf will continue to cook for at least 15 minutes after you pull it out of the oven. Remember it’s hard to un-cook things, you can always cook it a little bit more. As soon as the edges start to pull away from the pan (about 45 mins), you need to pay attention. I never cut open my meat to see how much it’s cooked. You want your meatloaf to be slightly undercooked (rare) because when you warm up a leftover slice in the skillet it will finish up nicely.

4.    If you want to get all fancy you can saute the onions (add some shallot) in a tiny bit of butter and olive oil (I always use both together) for a few minutes. Let the mixture cool, then add to the to the recipe in place of the chopped onion (item #4 above). I have tried this before and didn’t notice any real difference between just letting the onion cook in the meatloaf the easy way.

5.    Before you cook it you can put one slice of bacon on top if you want to add that flavor to the meat (some people like it, others don’t).

6.    You can add finely-diced carrot and/or bell pepper if you wish.

7.    Let it cool on the counter for several hours, then cover and refrigerate overnight. The next day all of the fat will be hard and easy to remove (and the meat will be much easier to cut and be less “crumbly”). Remove the fat, then cut in to slices that you can freeze. It freezes very well for several weeks.

8.    It will make wonderful sandwiches (try it on a toasted English Muffin or whole grain bun w/ some cheese). You can also crumble it into pasta sauce for an instant meat sauce.

I really hope you enjoy making one of my simplest and tastiest dishes. I have neighbors coming over all the time asking for a slice!


meatloaf pan metal meatloaf pan glass

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