Foreign Movies/Films about Cooking!

Who doesn’t just love a good foreign film? And who doesn’t love a film that’s all about COOKING?!! It’s the perfect combination.

Yes the subtitles can require a small bit of extra effort, but it’s totally worth it.

Here are a few little gems we have found after spending some time on Netflix:

1. Kings of Pastry (France, 2009)

Kings of Pastry

This documentary is about the competition in the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” or MOF. It is the top honor for pastry chefs in France. While you would not think this topic would be very fascinating, it really is. You go behind the scenes during their training, practice and final competition. It’s just excellent!

Link to movie on Netflix


2. Le Chef (France, 2012)

Le Chef

This is one of our very favorite movies. We have watched it countless times. It’s funny, dramatic, silly (yet serious at the same time) and romantic. But best of all you get to spend most of the time in one kitchen or another watching the actors “cook”. We love the beautiful scenery and settings in France too! Just adore this movie and will probably watch it again this week.

Link to movie on Netflix


3. Tasting Menu (Spain, 2013)

tasting menu movie

About a very high-end restaurant on the coast in Spain. While not nearly as good as the first two movies, we still enjoyed it for the cooking aspect and a lot of the time spent in the kitchen.

Link to movie on Netflix


Please let us know of any other foreign gems like these in the comments below.

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