10 ESSENTIAL Kitchen tools that every cook should have, new kitchens or existing!

Hello Everyone!

As you know, here at The Chefs Company we like to look at all the needs of the home gourmet and then focus our products to best satisfy those needs.

This got us thinking, we should make a quick list of the 10 must-have items that every kitchen should have! This would be especially useful if you are starting a new home kitchen and need to know where you should begin. These are the things that we could not live without on a daily basis.

So here goes and this list is not in any particular order…

1. A good set of stainless steel tongs, 12” is ideal.

Stainless Steel Utility Tongs

2. A set of stainless steel mixing/serving bowls – ¾ qt, 1 qt and 2 qt. You will want to add more and larger sizes later on. We use these every single day for prep work and salads. These are my girlfriend’s favorite serving bowls for our salads.

3. A good cutting board – 12” x 18” is the perfect size for the home kitchen. We have one for raw meats and another for everything else.

Cutting Boards T45 Sani-Tuff

4. Knives – you really only need 3 essential knives (don’t spend your money on a big knife block you will never use all the knives, instead, invest in 3 high-quality essential knives) – a “Chef’s” knife – Western style, Deba style or Santoku style, 7-8” – don’t go 10” it’s too big. A “utility knife” we prefer a serrated blade for this knife, about a 5” blade. And a small paring knife. Invest in this!

Knife Starter Set – 3 Piece 3000-3S

5. A proper “sheet pan”. This is like a baking sheet but it has a small lip around the edges that prevent liquids from spilling off. We also use one of these every day from baking potatoes to making meatballs. You want the “three-quarter” size (which is very hard to find) at 22” x 16”. This is the largest size that will fit in a standard oven. Down the road you will want other, smaller sizes, they go all the way down to a “1/8th-size” pan.

Three Quarter-Size Sheet Pan 41505

6. Skillets – you need a 12” non-stick, and a 12” either stainless steel or carbon steel pan.

mineral-b-element_carbon steel skillet made in france

7. A small set of pots – two 2.5 qt. pots and one 4 qt pot. We also love having a 5 qt “saute” pan with the straight sides and the little helper handle on the other side. We use this for making everything from sloppy joes to chili. Invest in this it will last you a lifetime!

0001044_bourgeat-excellence-casserole-without-lid close up

8. A small set of good wooden spoons and spatulas. Professional chefs love these BTW!

9. Gadgets! This would include a good can opener, a good peeler, a grater, a meat tenderizer, etc.

10. Food storage containers. A small set in 1 qt., 2 qt., 4 qt. and 6 qt. Go with the square sizes they fit more efficiently in the fridge rather than round or rectangular. We like clear or translucent ones so you can see what you have inside. Go old school and use what the pros use – Cambro – there is no substitute.

CAMBRO Camsquares Clear group

Thanks for reading and please let us know any additions or corrections you think we need on this list. 🙂




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